Supporting Patients in the UK

For general medical information or questions about a specific
medical condition or product, please consult your healthcare provider.

How does Crescent Pharma support Patients?

Crescent Pharma plays an important role in supporting patients, through a range of initiatives that aim to improve patient outcomes, promote patient education and safety, and ensure that patients have access to the medications they need. 

Over 200 Million Packs delivered to the UK Market

Crescent Pharma are the Third Largest supplier for volume of generics in the UK.

UK based manufacturing sites

Crescent Pharma have numerous sites across the UK, each working tirelessly to bring medicines to market in the UK.

Crescent Pharma work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our medications, through rigorous testing and monitoring, from the creating of ingredients throughout the manufacturing process all the way to the delivery of our products ensuring we can prevent medication errors. 

Crescent Pharma hold a Large Portfolio of products with over 20 Exclusive and Semi Exclusive lines – Making sure that patients continue to have access to the medicine they vitally require.

An ever-growing Portfolio

Crescent Pharma holds over 400 marketing authorisations across more than 150 generic pharmaceutical products.

Continued Investment

Crescent Pharma consistently invest in new sites and products, to ensure all patients in the UK have access to the Medicines they need.

Looking for Advice on a Crescent Pharma Product?

Crescent Pharma face very tight regulations with regards to advertising and promotion of prescriptions medicine to patients. We are also limited with specific advice that we can offer to patients and therefore any questions regarding your treatment should be made via your doctor or healthcare professional as they can assess your specific needs.

Been Prescribed a Crescent Pharma Product?

Crescent Pharma are committed to ensuring they manufacture medicinal products to the highest quality, safety, and efficacy.

If you have received one of Crescent Pharma’s medicines on prescription or purchased over the counter Crescent Pharma stock you may want to find out more about Crescent Pharma as a company. Crescent Pharma are an experienced and trustworthy manufacturer of regulatory approved medicines primarily dispensed in the UK.

Our frequently asked questions section has been created to deal with a most frequent lines of enquiry however if you cannot find a sufficient answer in this section or in your patient information leaflet you can contact us via our contact us section.

Please note any questions regarding your treatment should be made via your doctor or healthcare professional.

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Who are Crescent Pharma?

Crescent Pharma is a fast-growing and independent generic pharmaceutical company.