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Crescent Pharma Limited is committed to ensuring the manufacture of medicinal products to the highest quality, safety and efficacy by adhering to, and implementing quality systems in compliance with GMP and GDP.
Crescent Pharma is focused on increasing the intellectual property and product portfolio to a range of 400 generic, new combination and branded products by 2020.
The Crescent Group endeavours to be environmentally conscious, eco-friendly and an asset to the community. The business proactively aims to reduce their ecological impact by recycling, minimising waste and choosing sustainable options wherever possible. The company continues to invest in future generations and aid in their development within the industry. Year-on-year Crescent gives back to the community through charitable work and donations, with staff giving both their time and money generously.
Our pharmaceutical suppliers are audited for GMP purposes on a regular basis, we have taken no additional steps in regards to modern slavery in our supply chain.

Crescent Pharma Limited, formed in 2003 is a fast growing, medium sized, privately owned UK Company.

Crescent focused on a European and UK production strategy, currently manufactures approximately 150 generic and branded products and is committed to the continual development and growth in the portfolio aiming to offer a wider and diverse range of medicines to the supply chain. Delivering over 100 million packs in 2017, Crescent is now exporting to over 22 territories globally although remaining primarily focused on the UK market with offices and a warehouse distribution network including depots in London, the South and North England. Despite substantial recent growth in all areas of the organisation, Crescent continues to demonstrate the same quality culture and Small Business values that it has been founded on to give all stakeholders the best possible experience when working with Crescent.

Crescent Pharma also owns a sister company, Crescent Pharma OTC formerly Anglian Pharmaceuticals, which focuses on the distribution and development of over the counter medicines, medical devices and CE marked products in the UK.

Crescent Pharma OTC offers over the counter products with a personal touch.

Crescent OTC is dedicated to delivering unique branded healthcare products which have a positive impact on consumer’s quality of life. Rather than simply selling, Crescent’s extensive knowledge of the health industry has resulted in them becoming a reliable source for advice; the business is trusted by both customers and consumers. Crescent continues to build on these relationships, giving them a competitive advantage alongside high customer retention.

Crescent OTC specialise in sales, marketing and distribution for licensed healthcare medicines and medical devices. The sales and marketing team are experts in their field and have experience in launching new products to the UK market, enhancing brand identity as well as complete product re-branding. Crescent OTC has a proven track record of successfully marketing products to healthcare professionals resulting in their products being available on prescription. The business is able to create tailored solutions for individual needs from sales and brand development to pick and pack facilities, storage and logistics.



Regulation & Licensing

Here at Crescent Pharma our dedicated team is constantly pursuing new licences to expand and grow our business  while continuing to provide high quality generic drugs at a cost conscious price. We pride ourselves on being able to guarantee continual, reliable supplies for prescription. With over 100 generic drug licences and access to a vast range of further licenses through long-term agreements with UK companies, Crescent Pharma can and will continue to provide a vast range of high quality generic drugs.


Crescent Pharma currently have a number of products registered in a variety of international countries. Despite having an established export market the company is looking to expand this further within this area.

Warehouse & Distribution

The Crescent Group own three large warehouses, one in Andover, one in Barnsley and one in Park Royal London. Andover’s warehouse is a 70,000 square foot warehouse with over 5,000 pallet bay capacity. Due to consistent growth, 2016 saw the acquisition of Barnsley, our largest warehouse. The Barnsley warehouse has a capacity for 10,800 pallets. All of Crescent’s warehouses are MHRA GDP approved.


2016 saw the launch of Crescent Manufacturing Ltd. Crescent Manufacturing is a UK based manufacturer with capabilities for: Liquid oral solutions, gels, creams, eye drops and antibiotic tablets, capsules and dry powder suspension production. Furthermore we have a proven track record of upgrading overseas manufacturing facilities to European standards and establishing strict quality systems acceptable to the internationally recognised Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Crescent Pharma & Crescent Pharma OTC

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