Our History

20 years supplying the UK market with high quality, regulated, Pharmaceutical products


Crescent Pharma founded and MIA granted

Crescent started as a small business in Overton Hampshire with the purchase of just three Marketing Authorisations in 2003. Crescent obtained MHRA GMP approval for their Pharmaceutical Management System and commenced distribution from their internal GDP warehouses on site in Overton.


Southern Depot Purchased in Andover

Crescent’s portfolio had substantially increased by 2014 and the company required additional storage. In 2014 Crescent purchased the first of their distribution sites in Andover, Hampshire. At 75,000ft2 with increased pallet capacity it provided the opportunity for Crescent to increase their product range and stock holdings.


Northern Depot Purchased in Barnsley

In 2016 Crescent purchased their second distribution site in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. At over 82,000ft2 with double the pallet capacity of Andover Barnsley added increased opportunity for Crescent to pursue larger contracts and continue rapid growth in product range.


London Manufacturing Site Purchased

Additional to the purchase of a further distribution centre Crescent added a manufacturing plant and warehouse in London to the portfolio. Additional storage was essential for Brexit stock builds and the advantage of UK based manufacturing in the capital was a unique opportunity for Crescent.


Crescent International Malta

Crescent International Malta was established in 2019 to safeguard against the impacts of Brexit and to strengthen our interaction the EU marketplace.


Basingstoke Head Office

Crescent’s head office moved from the site of establishment in Overton UK to a larger site in Basingstoke UK. The new site houses office space for 100+ employees whilst still maintaining a small number of core staff at the original site in Overton.


Thorpe Laboratories

Crescent acquired Thorpe Laboratories an MHRA approved specials, liquid, gels and semi solids manufacturing site based in Mablethorpe UK.


Crescent Medical UK

Crescent purchased the solid dosage manufacturing site previously occupied by M&A Pharmachem based in Bolton UK.


Crescent R&D

Acquisition of Archimedis Healthcare Limited, a leading Pharmaceutical Research and development facility basing in Chennai, India, into the Crescent group.  

Crescent R&D has MHRA approved manufacturing capability for solid dosage form as well extensive laboratory expertise for the continued development of our portfolio.

Who are Crescent Pharma?

Crescent Pharma is a fast-growing and independent generic pharmaceutical company.