Report a Side Effect

For general medical information or questions about a specific medical condition or product, please consult your healthcare provider.

Reporting of side effects

Crescent Pharma always scrutinizes the safety of all its medicinal products collecting information about any side effects patients experience. It is essential that the safety of all medicinal products is monitored throughout their marketed life via the pharmacovigilance process.

If a Crescent Pharma product causes a side effect, you can use the form below to inform us of details.

Please note Crescent may contact you to find out more details about your report; however, Crescent will not be able to provide medical advice about your condition. Any questions regarding your treatment should be made via your doctor or healthcare professional.

Crescent Pharma Medical Information:

For medical inquires please contact:
Tel: +44 1217901596

Report a side effect

Side effects can be report to Crescent:
Tel: +44 1217901596
Online: via the form below

Reporting of side effects

Please note this form is exclusively for use if the drug has been administered if the drug has not been administered contact our medical info team.

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