Making Medicines Available and Affordable

Making sure people have access to the healthcare they need is an important part of what Crescent Pharma do

Crescent Pharma are aware of our responsibility that patients across the UK are reliant on our medicines and we take that responsibility with great care. Crescent Pharma are dedicated to ensuring our medicines are readily available for healthcare professionals and in turn the final patients. 

Crescent Pharma provide over 200 million packs and over 7 billion tabs/capsules to the UK market. All of our associated sites follow Good Manufacturing Practice ensuring the highest quality and safety for the end user. Crescent Pharma’s core strategy focuses on high quality product with UK based testing, certification and release. Crescent Pharma supply over 100 NHS Hospital contracts resulting in over 10 million packs to the NHS.

Over 200 million
packs delivered
to the UK market

Crescent Pharma are committed to maintaining a robust and efficient supply chain to ensure continuity of supply to our customers and patients

Crescent Pharma work closely with our approved network of suppliers to ensure safe high quality medicine within the UK and global supply chain.

Who are Crescent Pharma?

Crescent Pharma is a fast-growing and independent generic pharmaceutical company.