Eplerenone 25mg Film-coated Tablets

Eplerenone, the active ingredient in these tablets, belongs to a group of medicines known as selective aldosterone blocking agents. These blocking agents stop the action of aldosterone, a substance produced within the body, which controls your blood pressure and heart function. High levels of aldosterone can cause changes in your body that led to heart failure.

Eplerenone is used to treat your hear failure, to prevent it from getting worse and reduce your risk of needing treatment in hospital if you:

  • have had a recent heart attack, in combination with other drugs that are used to treat your heart failure, or
  • have persistent, mild symptoms, despite the medicines you have been taking.

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Therapeutic Indications for Eplerenone 25mg Film-coated Tablets

Eplerenone 25mg Film-coated Tablets is indicated:

• in addition to standard therapy including beta blockers, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity in stable patients with left ventricular dysfunction (LVEF ≤ 40 %) and clinical evidence of heart failure after recent myocardial infarction.

• in addition to standard optimal therapy, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity in adult patients with NYHA class II (chronic) heart failure and left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVEF ≤ 30%)(see section 5.1).

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