Co-Fluampicil 250mg/250mg Capsules

These capsules contain two active ingredients, ampicillin (as trihydrate) and flucloxacillin (as flucloxacillin sodium). Ampicillin and flucloxacillin belong to a group of antibiotics called penicillins. They are used to kill bacteria which cause infections in your body.

Co-Fluampicil Capsules are used:
•  to treat a wide range of bacterial infections. These include infections of the respiratory tract (e.g. chest and lungs), ear, nose, throat, skin and soft tissues
•  to treat infections and prevent blood poisoning following surgery
•  in patients receiving treatment which affects the body’s immune system (e.g. following organ or bone marrow transplant)
•  to treat infections associated with difficulties in childbirth.

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Therapeutic Indications for Co-Fluampicil Capsules

Ampicillin/flucloxacillin is indicated for the treatment of severe infections where the causative organism is unknown and for mixed infections involving β Lactamase producing staphylococci. Typical indications include:

In General Practice
Chest infections, ENT infections, skin and soft tissue infections and infections in patients whose underlying pathology places them at special risk.

In hospital (prior to laboratory results being available):
Severe respiratory tract infections. Post operative chest and wound infections. Septic abortion, puerperal fever. Septicaemia prophylaxis in major surgery. Infections in patients receiving immuno suppressive therapy.

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