Your guide to an enjoyable flight

Some people dread flying, some people love flying, some people have flown so many times that they don’t even think about it!

Whether you’ve flown before or not, we’ve compiled a guide to help you make the most of your flight including things to take on board and things to be prepared for.

Things to take on board

The length of your flight will determine how many things you’ll need or want to take on board to keep yourself entertained. Here is a general list of items (other than the essentials) that I always take with me when I fly:

  • A good book – preferably a paper back. It weighs less and doesn’t take up as much room in your hand luggage. It could keep you busy for hours and it’s also useful during your holiday/trip for by the pool or just when you get some free time. You can zone out from the other people all around you and get lost in the story. If you’re not sure what book, here’s a list of suggestions from different genres to get you started:

Your guide to an enjoyable flight

  • Sudoku/Crossword/Puzzle book – These are always readily available in airport stores as they’re good to keep concentrated on. They will come in different levels of difficulty so you can really challenge yourself or just have something easy to fill the time. If you’re travelling with your partner, friends or children then it’s a fun way to interact with them as well.

Your guide to an enjoyable flight


  • Some of your favourite snacks – Whilst you can buy food on board, it’s not always a large selection. If you’re bound to get peckish in-flight, pack some of your favourite foods to keep you satisfied until you land. Remember it’s best to avoid taking anything containing nuts because of other people’s allergies.

Your guide to an enjoyable flight

Things to be prepared for

Whether you’re jetting off for a business trip, a romantic break or a family holiday you have to be prepared that there are going to be hundreds of other people on your flight for different reasons. Everyone should be respectful of their fellow passengers, but here are some specifics to watch out for:

  • Noise – With many excitable holiday makers all in one confined space there is no doubt that noise will be prevalent for most of the time on board. From flight attendants coming down the aisles to sell duty-free products, to children crying, you should make sure you’re ready for some distractions. This might be frustrating if you were hoping to get a good sleep on your flight. Make sure you fly prepared! Lunox Earplugs come in 4 sizes to suit you personally, and block out the surrounding noise, purchase yours here for a better sleep in the air and at home:

Your guide to an enjoyable flight

  • Air pressure – Your ears go through some changes when you take off and are suddenly thousands of miles higher in the air travelling very fast. Otifleks ‘flier’ earplugs are specially designed to combat these changes and make for a much more enjoyable flight. Find out more and purchase them here for your next trip:

Wherever you are going and whoever you are going with, you can be prepared with your guide to an enjoyable flight. Happy flying!