Travel tips for coping with IBS

If you suffer from IBS and are planning a trip away, you’re likely to feel quite daunted. That’s why we’ve created this blog full of travel tips for coping with IBS, so that your trip can be as smooth sailing (or smooth flying) as possible.

Pre-pack snacks

Its always a good idea to pack the foods that you know your stomach is comfortable with, so that you don’t get hungry and then feel the need to buy emergency snacks that are going to lead to an uncomfortable flare up.

Travel tips for coping with IBS

Book the aisle seat

This is especially for if you’re travelling on a plane but it may come in handy if you are on a pre-booked train as well. Sitting in the aisle seat means you don’t have to ask your fellow passengers to get up several times which will reduce the anxiety surrounding your travel and hopefully reduce the symptoms in general.

Travel tips for coping with IBS

Resist those local delicacies – or don’t overindulge

Although it might be tempting to indulge in the delicious food abroad, its probably not the best thing for your IBS. Try to resist or try just a small amount. The feeling of missing out on tasty treats will be far better than the feeling of your IBS symptoms being triggered, leaving you uncomfortable for the whole day.

Travel tips for coping with IBS

Learn the basics in the local language

It will help you out on your travels to learn a few basic phrases in the local language, such as where is the nearest toilet, or the names of the foods that trigger your IBS symptoms. This will reduce the anxiety of being abroad and urgently needing the toilet and not being able to find one.

Travel tips for coping with IBS

Keep up the healthy habits that you do at home

Travelling is always quite a strain on the body and mind because you are on the go a lot. To minimise flare ups its helpful to keep your routine as similar as you do at home. For instance, if you go exercise most days or go to bed at a certain time, try to keep this up whilst you are away.

Travel tips for coping with IBS

Find ways to de-stress and relax

Aim to have some relaxation techniques in place before you leave. Therefore, if you can sense you’re becoming particularly stressed you know better how to calm down. There are many mindfulness apps available that guide you through step by step for anything from 2 minutes of meditation to an hour.

Travel tips for coping with IBS

Talk about it!

IBS doesn’t need to be something embarrassing. In fact, if you keep your anxieties about the condition to yourself, they are much more likely to flare up. If you are travelling with other people, talk to them about your worries so you can all be prepared in advance – and then you’ll be less likely to worry. If you’re travelling alone, then it might help to write down your feelings in a diary or on a forum with other IBS sufferers.

Travel tips for coping with IBS

Stay hydrated

Its always important to keep hydrated but when you are suffering from IBS it is even more crucial to make sure that you are getting a constant water supply. Make sure to take a water bottle wherever you go so you can fill it up.

Travel tips for coping with IBS

Hopefully these tips will be useful ahead of your travels! If you remember these its likely you’ll have a smooth trip. Just relax and enjoy your time away ????


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