Otifleks My First Ear Plugs x 4


The bees knees in natural earplugs, these earplugs are pure, organic and suitable for new borns. The high grip, all natural formulation of Otifleks is made from olive oil, cotton and beeswax. If your concerned about purity and want earplugs for your baby, this is the earplug for you.

  • All natural
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Suitable for new borns

For showers, bathing and new borns.




The all natural solution to ear care!

Beeswax is collected from Bee Farmers after honey is extracted from the structure. Beeswax is melted and mixed with olive oil to give it a more flexible consistency. Finally, this new mix is absorbed by cotton balls to hold it together.

The formulation is designed to be sticky. This sticky form holds onto the skin and provides great protection for your ears and your baby’s.

It is suitable for new borns and children of all ages. It can be used five to ten times based on how much the earplug starts degrading. This can change based on how well the user protects the earplug.

It is suitable for using in the shower and whilst bathing. It may be used against sound but because of it’s sticky nature it may be uncomfortable to sleep with.