Otifleks Lubricated Cotton Earplugs


Tried and tested. Yesteryear’s classic earplug revamped and released with a brand new formula.

Water resistant, so you can shower or swim. Otifleks has reinvented the wax earplug now with anti-bacterial properties and a stronger grip.




Wax is a type of earplug that has been around for a very long time.

It is made from cotton, glycerin and vaseline. In contrast to other wax earplugs, it has a softer consistency and stickier texture. These qualities offer a more comfortable and secure experience. An added benefit is that glycerin helps moisturise the skin.

Suitable for children 2 years of age +.

Can be used five to ten times based on how much the earplugs get degraded. This changes based on how well the user protects the earplug.

It is suitable for shower, swim and bath. It may be used against sound but due to it’s sticky nature it may be uncomfortable to sleep with.

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