How to get a good night’s sleep at a festival

It’s an exciting time of year for many of us as the festival season approaches.

But, as we all know, festivals aren’t always the cleanest or quietest places to be. Let’s talk about how you can prepare so you know how to get a good night’s sleep (or afternoon nap) at a festival and make sure that you are enjoying yourself to the fullest potential.

Avoid pitching your tent on uneven ground!

If possible, get an early bird ticket so you can claim the best camping spot. No one wants to go to sleep after a long day of dancing and singing to find that they are sleeping on a bunch of rocks. Make sure you pack an extra ground sheet as well for added comfort.

Try to pitch your tent away from the toilets or common walkways

There is nothing worse at a festival than wanting to catch some z’s and everyone who is still awake is tumbling through beside your tent making noise. Be sure to pitch your tent somewhere less populated. Again, if you can get early bird tickets then you’re more likely to get a better spot.

How to get a good night's sleep at a festival

Keep your valuables secure

Avoid leaving your important possessions near the doors of the tent. It’s best to sleep with them near your head so you can keep them close. Worrying about your valuables being stolen is likely to interrupt your much-needed sleep, so this is an important one to keep in mind. If you can use a locker at the festival, even better!

How to get a good night's sleep at a festival

Invest in a good quality tent

You don’t need to get the most expensive tent on the market, but you should definitely invest in a tent that is good quality. You don’t want your tent leaking, breaking or flying away in the middle of the festival.

How to get a good night's sleep at a festival

Take an eye mask

Whether you’re an early riser or fancy a lie in, the sunlight is easily going to get through your tent. If you’d rather wake up on your own terms, take a long an eye mask. So small and compact in your luggage, you definitely won’t regret packing it!

How to get a good night's sleep at a festival

Take some good quality earplugs

A festival is one place that noise is pretty much guaranteed to be constant. Although sometimes you’re likely to be the ones keeping other people up, when you want to get some sleep yourself, earplugs are going to be your saviour. Lunox earplugs come in a range of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for you and sleep like royalty – even at a festival. Buy them at:

How to get a good night's sleep at a festival

Most importantly, have a great time!