Fun ways to entertain the family this winter

Now the colder months are upon us, you may be tempted to curl up on the sofa and watch movies all weekend. This is always a great idea, but there’s still a lot of reasons to get your coat, scarves, gloves and hats on and brave the cold.

Winter walks

There’s nothing more refreshing, healthy and fun for all the family than a nice, long walk. Try exploring new routes through the forests or meadows. The National Trust website allows you to see lots of different scenic walks all over the country. Make sure to put your wellies on and have a splash in the puddles with the kids. Walks are a no-cost way to entertain the family which is helpful so close to Christmas, and everyone is guaranteed to feel better after. Visit to find some amazing routes near you.

Fun ways to entertain your family this winter

Go stargazing

The upside of colder nights is that they tend to result in clearer skies, making the winter months perfect for stargazing. Bring along a few blankets, some snacks and some hot drinks and sit outside taking in the breath-taking view. This is a great idea for a more relaxing evening and will be a great memory for everyone.

Fun ways to entertain your family this winter

Cook on a campfire

You don’t have to venture too far for this one, just grab some firewood, make sure its dry and head out to your garden. Set up some chairs around the fire and toast some marshmallows. If you wanted to go one step further, for a real campout experience you could have a family sing a long and make smores. Follow this link for a traditional smores recipe that you can easily make around an open fire! Lots of fun for you and the kids:

Fun ways to entertain your family this winter

Visit Winter Wonderland

A hotspot for families every year, why not visit the incredible Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. With a whole variety of places to eat and drink, as well as plenty of rides, ice skating and more, there’s something to entertain every member of the family making it a day to remember. Make sure you check out this guide before your visit for tips to make your family trip even better.

Fun ways to entertain your family this winter

Play in the snow!

And… if we’re lucky enough to get snow, spend the day making a snowman family, snow angels or even sledging and take lots of pictures for the memory book. Just make sure to watch out for the inevitable snow ball attacks! At the end of a chilly day, head inside, grab a hot chocolate and relax with a Christmas film knowing that you’ve had a fun filled day and the kids are entertained.

Fun ways to entertain your family this winter

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration as to how you can keep having fun even in the colder season. Always keep everyone wrapped up warm to prevent colds and other illnesses.