Fitness challenges to enter in 2019

Most of us set resolutions in January for fitness and by the end of the month, sadly, a lot of us have stalled. What we need to remember, is that motivation needs to be regularly topped up. Instead of getting disheartened that you haven’t kept on track, focus on giving yourself goals with a more concrete deadline.

There are many fitness events that run throughout the year. By entering one months in advance, it gives you the time to prepare yourself and train. When you don’t feel like working out, its easier to push yourself if you know you have a target to reach rather than just exercising for the sake of exercising.

So, here’s a list of the events happening throughout the UK in 2019. There is a huge variety so if running or cycling isn’t your thing, there’s bound to be something else better suited.

Tough Mudder

Do you feel a bit stuck in the mud with your fitness journey? Why not challenge yourself to get fit whilst getting covered in mud. Tough Mudder host a variety of events across the UK over the year, consisting of obstacle course races, as the title suggests, amongst the mud. These events vary in difficulty, there is even a mini mudder so you can get all of the family involved in this fun, rewarding challenge.

Follow this link to book onto one of their great events

Fitness challenges to enter in 2019

Colour Obstacle Rush

Add a splash of colour to your day by taking part in a colour obstacle rush. With events all over the UK throughout the year, this is a great race to look forward to. You can run, jog, walk, dance or skip so there are no limitations. This course is designed to be fun, with music playing throughout.

What are you waiting for! Follow this link to read more and sign up

Fitness challenges to enter this year

Cycle Events

How does a night-time tour of London on your bike sound? Cycle around London taking in the amazing sights whilst getting fit and having fun. All for a great cause, in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

Follow this link to participate:

If you’d prefer to cycle in the day, there are many other events taking place in 2019. If you’re feeling extremely ambitious, why not sign up for the London to Paris bike ride? Want to start a bit smaller? Then London to Brighton might be for you. Whatever your goal, you’ll find a race suitable for you at

Fitness challenges to enter in 2019

Walks and Treks

If walking and hiking is more your thing then there are plenty of events throughout the year in varying levels of difficulty. Everyone can get involved and choose whatever challenge suits them the most

Find your next walking challenge here:

Fitness challenges to enter in 2019

Inflatable Obstacle courses

This 5k obstacle race is bound to provide you with a big enough challenge, balanced out by a lot of fun. If you want to go even harder – why not do two or three laps (10k or 15k).

Take a look at the incredible inflatable course at: 


Hopefully there’s enough variety here to choose from or at least give you some inspiration as to what your next, or first fitness challenge might be.

Remember motivation is needed daily and booking one of these events might just give you that push you need to stick to and ultimately achieve your fitness goals this year.