Crescent Pharma OTC launches a brand new and wide range of earplugs, each one individually tailored to your personal need.

Do you find you are distracted by noises when working, woken up at night by the smallest of sounds or just hate getting water in your ears when swimming? Then Otifleks ear plugs are for you!

There are 3 different styles (moldable, personal care and lifestyle) allowing you to choose which form suits you best.

Moldable earplugs

These earplugs are perfectly sticky and marvellously mouldable to fit snuggly in your ear. They are made from the following:

  • Natural Beeswax
  • Lubricated Cotton
  • Silicone

Personal Care Earplugs

These earplugs come in a range of sizes, because every earhole is different. This is not a one size fits all. Find the ideal size for your own body. They are also made with a thermo reactive elastomer material which has no equal in the re-useable earplug market. The seamless, long-life, cushion-like and colourful elastomer is quick and easy to use, matching the body’s heat in just a few minutes. The earplug attains a remarkable ‘not there’ feeling, allowing use for up to eight hours without needing a break. Efficiency and effectiveness is maximised through an available selection of four earplug sizes. Comfort and utility come together with the latest breakthrough in hearing protection.

The types include:

  • Protector
  • GoodSleep
  • Ladybuds
  • Showersafe
  • Foam


Finally we bring you the lifestyle choices. These include flier ear plugs which have a unique micro filter that reacts to pressure changes while protecting your peace and quiet. Another lifestyle option is swimmer, blocking out water with a not there feel. Reimagine your swim.

  • Flier
  • Swimmer

Visit our shop if any have caught your eye (or your ear!).