Autumn’s around the corner…

The ever great British summer is sadly drawing to a close and it’ll soon be time to swap your iced latte for pumpkin spiced. While many will be counting down until Halloween, looking forward to bonfires, fireworks and dare I say it… Christmas, the change in season can have some unexpected impacts on our health.

autumn's round the corner

Don’t let the sun go down on me

As the days gradually become shorter when those cooler winter months draw near there is a shift in our exposure to the sun. We see less of the sun and therefore the vital vitamin D it gives out (which we all need to keep our bodies ticking along!) can become depleted. Research by Harvard Medical School finds that less vitamin D and the sun resetting our body clocks can cause us to feel more fatigued than usual. This consequently impacts our quality of sleep which explains why you can feel much groggier during the daytime.

autumn's round the corner

Sleeping? There’s a nap for that.

Due to this reduced amount of sun, studies show that we sleep more during the cooler months. In fact, because of the change of season we actually sleep most during the month of October than any other month of the year. While it may appear that sleeping more is good for your health, it has been found that the quality of sleep can become disrupted. Quality over quantity!

autumn's round the corner

Pasta la vista summer!

Hungry? Research has shown that we tend to eat more carbohydrates during autumn compared to summer. Reasons for this could be that the drop in temperature encourages your brain and tummy to crave more insulating calories! Anyway, it’s about time to trade in the swimming gear for some cosy cardigans and woolly hats if you ask me.

autumn's around the corner

Just me, myself and I…

There are also studies to suggest that we can spend less time socializing in the autumn. Maybe the colder weather is keeping you under wraps? We’ve all been there, glancing out the window to see the icy roads, peoples’ breath showing in the atmosphere and thought to ourselves ‘Do I really have to go outside?!’ But just remember, a good laugh with friends is more than enough to keep you warm.

autumn's round the corner

Same, same but different

It’s important to bear in mind that the seasons can affect different people in different ways; it’s that age old saying ‘it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same!’ If you’re not summer’s biggest fan, chances are the arrival of autumn will boost your mood and you’ll feel more positive! If you’re dreading the cooler temperatures and shorter days, keep in mind that autumn and winter are only prerequisites for spring and summer. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Below are some tips to help you keep healthy as autumn graces us with its presence.

autumn's round the corner

Exercise and Fresh Air

Exercise and fresh air are always listed as natural remedies to improve your health and mood any time of the year. Regardless of whether you don’t enjoy exercise or are a regular gym-goer. Going for fun autumn walks with friends and family is a great way to get your body moving! Make the most of those beautiful colours and the leaves falling and get yourself outside.
Another idea is to ask a friend to join you in attending an exercise class at your local gym. Pick something fun you think you’ll enjoy or ask a trainer what they would suggest. The best part of both of these suggestions is that you’ll be spending more time with your nearest and dearest instead of being cooped up inside.

Healthy body = healthy mind

Eating healthily ALL the time is difficult if like me, you adore one of life’s greatest pleasures: food. But eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. As long as you are being conscious of incorporating plenty of vegetables, sources of protein and complex carbohydrates into your diet you can mix it up to cater to your taste buds! And we all deserve a treat now and again. Check out some great recipes the internet has to offer. You could even try something new and tuck into seasonal foods that autumn brings, like pumpkins and figs. Click here for some great autumnal recipes.

autumn's round the corner

Lighten up will you!

Make your living spaces light, bright and refreshing. A combination of electrical and natural light in your home can be a great way to boost your mood and take your mind off whatever the weather is saying outside.

autumn's around the corner


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