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Author: Dave Mohammed

The Importance of Cloves

The Importance of Cloves Clove is a spice with a rich history and one that comes with a number of benefits. Following its origins from the Maluku islands to its use in todays society, you will see the importance of cloves and the impact it can have on your every day life. Island of spice (and everything nice) Getting its name from the French word for nail, ‘Clou’, clove was one of the first spices to be traded. It was local to the Maluku islands (also known as the ‘Spice Islands’). There is evidence that cloves have been found...

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Fun Things to do With Your Children Over the Summer

Fun Things to do With Your Children Over the Summer Thinking of fun things to do with your children over the summer can seem like quite a daunting task. It can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas on how to keep your children’s attention. Also trying to think of cost-effective activities can prove tough too. To try and help, here is a list of some ideas to help you and your children have a great summer. These bikes were made for walking Going for long walks and bike rides is a great way to combine exercise with...

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Colours Impact Sleep

Colours Impact Sleep Colour plays such a pivotal role in everyone’s day-to-day life. Without you realising, your mood and feelings are being influenced from the colours around you. What’s more is that even when you’re sleeping, colours are affecting your body’s emotions. Different colours impact sleep in different ways so you should think carefully when you next decide to paint your bedroom. I’m ‘Blue’ da ba dee da ba daa Blue is the best colour for promoting better sleep. Receptors in the retina called ganglion cells are most sensitive to the colour blue. They are responsible for relaying information...

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History of Dentures

History of Dentures Throughout the years, many different types of dentures have been designed and experimented with. Materials ranging from ivory to acrylics have all been involved in trying to relieve the edentulous person. Here you will be taken through the exciting world that is the history of dentures. Those Trusty Etruscans In 700BC the ancient Italian civilisation known as the Etruscans developed the first design of the denture. They were made from human or animal teeth and ivory taken from walrus’, hippopotamus’ and elephants. Although these dentures deteriorated quickly and were prone to staining easily, they remained popular until...

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Hay fever tips

Hay fever Tips Summertime often fills the majority of the nation with joy and excitement. Going out in the sun, sharing a BBQ with some friends or even getting round to some much needed gardening are just some of the better sides to being in the great weather. However, for one in five people in the UK, summer spells the dreaded season of hay fever. Continuous sneezing fits, itchy eyes and throat and a stuffy, blocked nose are to name but a few of the nasty symptoms hay fever sufferers go through each year. Luckily, we have compiled a...

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